V/vox Academy Feltre [Graphic by Massimo Patella, © 2017 by V/vox Academy Feltre]

Announcing 2017 V/vox Academy Feltre


1 - 18 July 2017

Course in Vocal Technique, Classical and Bel canto Repertoire, Italian Language and Culture

We are delighted to announce 2017's V/vox Academy Feltre course, which will focus on training in vocal technique with emphasis on Classical and Bel canto repertoires, alongside immersive studies of Italian language and culture.

Course work, including masterclasses and rehearsals, will be conducted six days per week, with concerts possibly scheduled for Sundays.
Students should plan to be in Feltre throughout the duration of the course, arriving by 3 July and remaining until the morning of 19 July 2017.

Applicants in the age range of 21 to 34 years were selected for admission to the 2017 Academy.

The total cost of the course is € 1150.
This does not include travel, lodging, or incidental expenses. Academy participants will be provided with information regarding lodging and transportation options.
The deadline for applying for the 2017 Academy was 15 May 2017.
For those applicants who are selected and accept the invitation to attend the Academy, a non-refundable deposit of € 230 is due by 15 June 2017.
Selections were completed and communicated to applicants by 30 May 2017.

Representing a wide spectrum of experience, the members of the faculty for the 2017 Academy offer expertise that extends into all aspects of training for and pursuing a career centered in Classical and Bel canto repertories. The 2017 Academy faculty includes:
Vivica Genaux - Coach & Masterclasses
Carlos Aragón - Head Coach
Cecilia Gobbi - Masterclass
Esperanza Melguizo Gómez - Vocal Technique
Cesare Scarton - Stage Technique
Angela Zaccaria - Repertory Coach
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